Sunday, January 30, 2011

This semester I am living with a girl who was also on the British Literary Tour. Pretty much all we talk about is reminiscing about our experiences a few months ago.
A couple nights ago we decided to watch the Keira Knightly Mathew Macfaden (sorry peeps for spelling your names wrong) Pride and Predjudice while we did our homework. Our logic was that it had classical music in it and classical music stimulates the mind; so we would do our homework better.
For my part it actually worked. I got all but two of my Russian problems done and I wouldn’t haven been able to crack the other two in any case.
Anyway. We were at the part where Elizabeth goes away with her aunt and uncle. She is tratsing over the lovely country side and Megan and I begin to wonder aloud if she was in The Lake District. I was pretty sure she was, I thought I remembered from the dialogue that that was where they ended up but I don’t remember.
Anyway, whether or not Elizabeth was in The Lake District my roommate and I were off. We drowned out the beautiful dialogue between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy when they meet at Pemberly because we were too busy saying things like “The rocks and the trees!” “The colors were prefect” “It was seriously one of the most beautiful places on earth!” “It was one of my favorite places that we went!” “I want to live there!”

But in all honesty The Lake District was lovely.
We were only there a day (I think) we went to Wordsworth homes. His family home that most of his life in, dove cottage, and his new home that he went to after he was more established. I can’t remember the name of that one.
I must confess that I have never read much of Wordsworth. This is nothing against Wordsworth. I actually don’t read that much poetry. I know, stone me now. But I just haven’t explored it.
But I still loved learning about Wordsworth and his family. They almost never bathed. The would use the same water to wash their faces that had been in the washing bowl for days. It was considered unhealthy to take the layer of grease off your face.
But on a serious note they took abolision seriously. They kept their own bees so they could produce honey so they didn’t have to contribute to the sugar trade. Dedication.
Also the garden at the new house was one just lovely. It was huge and kinda rambling, it was like a nature art.
It had little walks everywhere.
And little places to sit.

Then we proceeded to Beatrix Potter’s house; Hilltop Cottage. Beatrix Potter played a major part in my childhood. My parents bought me the complete set for Christmas when I was about three. I lost a couple but I still have most of them.
When I was older and found out more about her personal life I was even more impressed with her. She was committed to making the world a better place. She did that with her art and her activism. She was committed to nature. She bought land surrounding her home so that it couldn’t be industrialized.
Well, I have to study for my Russian and Theatre test and a Tech. Theatre presentation. So in conclusion I loved the Lake District. I am going back, sometime after I’ve finished my homework.

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